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artist spotlight: zach bryan

Hello beautiful souls!

I'm thrilled to share with you my latest Spotify playlist called "Different Times", link here. This heartfelt collection delves into various forms of grief, moving forward, and healing, aiming to resonate with our inner emotions and experiences.

But that's not all! I have even more in store for you. Every week or bi-weekly, I'll be doing an artist spotlight, shining a light on musicians whose songs beautifully express themes of grief, resilience, and growth.

Our first artist spotlight features the incredible ZACH BRYAN, a Navy veteran and Oklahoma native. His album "DeAnn" (named after his late mother) takes us on a profound journey through grief, healing, and moving forward. The songs in this album hold a special place in my heart and have touched me deeply.

Let's take a moment to reflect on some of the soul-stirring songs from "DeAnn":

🎵 Sweet DeAnn:

A poignant tribute to his late mother, expressing love, longing, and faith. The lyrics beautifully portray his success while wishing his mother could be physically present to witness it all. He sings to her in heaven, cherishing her unwavering belief in his music.

🎵 Flying or Crying:

A powerful reminder of the importance of a supportive network during life's highs and lows. Zach highlights the significance of having people we can trust to bring us back to our true selves despite the ups and downs. This song resonates deeply, emphasizing the strength we find in our connections with others.

🎵 Letting Someone Go:

A breakup song infused with soul and grace, capturing the emotions of moving forward after heartbreak. The lyrics beautifully convey what he misses about the person and the feelings that come with it. Zach's moving performance in this song perfectly captures the process of healing from a breakup.

🎵 God Speed:

A heartfelt reflection on hope for the future, with touching references to his mother in the chorus. This song deeply resonates with me, emphasizing the importance of looking towards the future and embracing our idea of an ideal future, despite the setbacks we may have faced.

Next up on the heartfelt journey through Zach Bryan's music is his album "Elisabeth." 🎶💕

🎵 Hopefully:

This song has the power to captivate my soul, and I can play it on repeat for hours. Zach beautifully sings about the uncertainty of the future and those who may be a part of it. Yet, no matter the outcome, he carries on with hope. The way he references his late mother and seeks guidance from her is relatable to many who turn to their departed loved ones for hope and inspiration, even in their absence.

🎵 Revival:

In some ways, I see this song as the moving forward anthem. Zach honestly admits to making mistakes, possibly sinning, and feeling guilt. However, by coming together as a community (his band in the song), acknowledging these wrongs, and embracing the future, we find the strength to overcome and move forward. I also interpret this song as a way for Zach and his band to cope with guilt and grief from the past, finding solace in unity and growth.

🎵 Messed Up Kid:

As a fellow "messed up kid," I deeply relate to this song. It speaks to the feeling of falling short as a person due to past experiences, witnessing hardships, or feeling a lack of something. Yet, Zach's powerful message reminds us that despite our struggles, we can still find acceptance and support from others. Despite our past or self-perceived flaws, we have the strength to move forward and find love and companionship if that's what we desire.

We've delved into "Different Times" and "Elisabeth," and now it's time to dive into the beautiful emotions of "American Heartbreak." But hold on, there's more! Rumor has it that his new album will drop in August, so stay tuned for a part 2 of our reflections. 🎶🌌

I must confess, "American Heartbreak" holds a special place in my heart. It's hard to pinpoint a favorite, but this album ignites a fuzzy feeling inside, evoking memories of both the best and toughest times of my life, in the most wonderful way.

🎵 Heavy Eyes: You'll often find me belting this song at the red light, taken back to my carefree teenage years. Memories of my friends and I, doing silly things, getting intoxicated on substances we shouldn't have been near. Yet, the song reminds me that even as we grow older, we can still live youthfully, embracing the fun without being confined to the expectations of adulthood. Let's keep the spark of our younger selves alive!

🎵 Happy Instead: A reflection on moving forward from a past relationship that has ended. Zach's lyrics vividly describe flashbacks with the ex-partner, yearning for what once was. But it's about finding the courage to prioritize our happiness, even if our ex has moved on. It's a reminder that we can be resilient and choose our own path to happiness, despite challenges we've faced.

🎵 Younger Years: This one's for the young souls out there! Embrace the fun, make mistakes, feel the pain, drink and smoke, and spend your money. It's all part of the journey, and it's okay. Just keep moving forward, trust in yourself, and believe in a higher power. And who doesn't love a reference to the Levi Jean Queen? Levi lovers, unite!

Zach Bryan's musical journey is far from over, and I'm eager to dive into more of his soul-stirring songs. So stay tuned, and let's continue to find solace, strength, and connection through his heartfelt melodies. You can find Zach Bryan on Spotify here and together, let's embrace the healing power of music. 🌿🎵

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