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healing our inner child

Today, let's dive into a transformative journey that's been close to my heart lately – healing your inner child.

During my internship working with kids, something magical started happening. Engaging in hula hoop contests, basketball games, and playtime with toys transported me back to the carefree days of my own childhood. And you know what? I noticed a remarkable shift – a soothing of stress and a reconnection to the simple joys. Little did I know, I was unknowingly on a path of healing my inner child. 🌼🌟

Childhood, oh what a tapestry of memories it weaves! The best times often lived in moments of innocence, like those summer camps with my brothers, carefree and full of laughter. Yet, there were also shadows – moments that shaped my fears and challenges.

So, what's this healing journey all about? It's like tending to a garden that holds both blossoms and weeds from your past. Healing your inner child is about acknowledging and nurturing those tender parts of yourself that experienced both joy and pain. 🌱🌻

Signs that our inner child needs a little TLC may show up as overreactions, excessive independence, struggles with emotional and mental well-being, and the weight of low self-esteem. It's like these aspects are whispering, "Hey, we need some healing attention here." 🌬️🌼

Wondering how to start this empowering journey? Well, it's about revisiting the activities that ignited your heart as a child, whether it's art, dance, or simply playing in the sun. 🎨🎶 And don't underestimate the power of words – journaling or writing a letter to your younger self can be profoundly healing. 📝✉️

Moving your body, meditating, practicing mindfulness, and embracing moments of pure fun – these are all keys to unlocking that inner child's joy. And remember, this isn't just about play, it's about creating a haven of safety and security that your younger self might have longed for in times of past hurt. 🏞️💖

So, here's to rekindling the magic of being a child, and finding the threads that connect our past to our present. Let's nurture that inner child within us, and let its radiant light guide us towards wholeness. 🌟🌈

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