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New Year, Same Grief

So, everyone's screaming "Happy New Year" like it's the slogan of the month. But guess what? In my world, it's more like "New Year, Same Emotions."

The calendar might be doing the cha-cha into a new chapter, but my old buddy, Grief, is still stealing the spotlight.

Imagine this: The first New Year after my sibling left this world hit me like a ton of bricks, just a week after they said goodbye. I kinda thought, "New year, new vibes," right? Nope, wrong call. Turns out, grief doesn't take a hike just because the calendar flips.

Fast forward to the next New Year bash. Grief is still my plus-one. It's not as intense, not as over-the-top, but trust me, it's still crashing the party. It's like waves, you know? Some moments, it's all chill and low-key, and then bam! Grief tsunami.

Now, as the next New Year shimmies in, I'm in the feels again. Missing my sibling, but there's this weird numbness tagging along.

Low-key scared it might morph into straight-up nothingness. Like, is grief gonna ghost me? That would suck.

But here's the thing. Grief, annoying as it is, is a reminder that my person was here, making waves. It's like a love tattoo that won't wash off.

Grief might be the third wheel in my New Year plans, but it's a reminder that my sibling is still my person, even if they're playing hide and seek in the stars.

So yeah, here's to a "New Year, Same Emotions" kind of vibe. Grief, you're a buzzkill, but you're also a reminder that love doesn't clock out.

To Anyone Feeling the Same:

If you're reading this and nodding along, feeling the weight of your own emotions, know you're not alone. Loss hits everyone differently, and grief doesn't come with an expiration date.

Whether it's a sibling, a friend, or someone else close to your heart, it's okay to ride the waves of emotions. You're not expected to have it all figured out. Let's navigate this journey together, reminding each other that love, in all its forms, endures.

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