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In memory of CJE

Hi my name is Andrianna. I began my undergraduate journey as a biochemistry major. After volunteering with the habitat for humanity club at my college I found my passion. I wanted to help others through social work. I then changed my major to human development & family studies. 

During my senior year of undergraduate studies at SUNY Oneonta, my brother passed away.  I lived in upstate NY where due to COVID it was isolating and made it difficult to grieve in healthy ways.

I fell into a deep hole of depression, partying, and bad decision making. I decided to put my horrible feelings of grief on an instagram and I called it @apathto_helpingothers. The name came from "A" as in Andrianna. And I wanted to help others so A Path To Helping Others began!

As I continue to grow my passions and spreading them to others to help I hope you can find some sort of inspiration or hope.

Pictured below: Andrianna and her two brothers circa 2003

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