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A Scholarship In Memory of My Late Brother

The Christopher John Ehring Esq. Scholarship

My brother Christopher died three weeks after passing the New York State Bar Exam. Two days after he died we started a Go Fund Me in his memory to begin a scholarship at the high school we attended. We raised around $19,000 within the first year solely through word of mouth and social media. We hosted the first fundraiser in August of 2023 in order to keep his legacy alive..

We have given out three scholarships in 2021 & 2022. We have given out $3,000 in scholarships so far through to graduating seniors. 

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Why we created the scholarship?

My brother wanted to help others. That is why he became a lawyer. He attended Kingston High School (NY), SUNY Newpaltz, & Brooklyn Law School. To also help our family grieve we opened the scholarship. We want to give back to the community who shaped Christopher. As well as inspiring and motivating other youth to chase their dreams even when they may not seem possible.

Where is the scholarship given out?

Kingston High School in Kingston NY to graduating seniors. 

Read the article for the most recent scholarship given out


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