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moving forward: why?

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Sometimes, life forces us to confront difficult situations, even when we may not be ready for them. Previously, I used the phrase "moving on," but a class on loss and bereavement reshaped my perspective. Our professor shared a thought-provoking TedTalk (you can find the link under our resources tab, click here) that emphasized the concept of moving forward from grief, rather than simply moving on.

Inspired by the video, I realized that this notion of moving forward applies not only to the loss of my brother but also to the grief surrounding other aspects of my life. As a child, I often longed for the close bond that others seemed to have with their mothers—friends, acquaintances, and even those on social media. While I was fortunate to have incredible women, such as my step-mom, grandma, aunt, and the mothers of old friends, who filled the void, my own mother remained absent. She missed birthdays, proms, first kisses, graduation—everything.

Moving Forward with Grief

Whether it's the grief surrounding my brother's loss or the ongoing absence of my mother, it's crucial to acknowledge and process these emotions. Moving forward requires expressing our feelings, finding healthy coping mechanisms, and embracing new opportunities that await us on our journey.

Life often presents us with unexpected challenges, but within those challenges lie opportunities for growth and resilience. By recognizing the need to move forward and exploring healthy ways to cope with grief, we can navigate these complex emotions. Although the path may be difficult, it is through this process that we discover our strength and embrace the next extraordinary chapter of our lives.

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